Hong Kong Startup Contest Attracts 550 Entries – Forbes

‘Fast Money’ Recap: Geopolitical Pressures Weigh on Stocks – Yahoo Finance

I received a check for $5,000, which I was grateful for, since it helped me make payroll that week. Receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars would have been a game changer for my business, as it will be for one of the 550 semi-finalists in this competition. Draper has been a happy man lately what with his recent purchase of millions worth of bitcoin , and progress being made with his initiative to split California into six more manageable, separate states . Perhaps Hong Kongs success with this years startup contest will give him just a bit more to smile about.

Libya: Waste, Fraud Erase Billions in National Wealth – Businessweek

According to a detailed lawsuit filed in March in U.S. District Court in Connecticut by a trader named Dan Friedman, who was hired by Palladyne in 2011, the company lacked both the management competence and the infrastructure to manage money. Friedman, whos suing the recruiter who hooked him up with the firm, alleges in the complaint that, Palladyne was the asset management company equivalent of a Potemkin village, fronting for a kickback and money-laundering scheme. The complaint offers an unusually intimate account of a corporate mirror world in which recruitment meetings, trading strategies, and the companys vaunted man-and-machine trading model were used as props to disguise good, old-fashioned theft. Palladynes true purpose, Friedman alleges, was to serve as the investment bank version of the fake betting joint in the film The Sting, while laundering money defalcated from Libyan government oil revenues by the family and friends of Muammar Ghaddafi and serving as the recipient and guardian of bribes and kickbacks from companies doing business with the Ghaddafi regime (or hoping to do business with them) or the state oil company run by Abudhers father-in-law. According to reports published in the financial press, the SEC is investigating whether Goldmans payment to Palladyne violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. People were making crazy amounts of money for introductions to the Libyans, says Mohammed Rashid, an Iraqi-born Kurd based in London, who arranged the meetings between Blair and Seif.

Will BTC be a girl’s new best friend? | SiliconANGLE

Only when Apple releases one. Photo: Courtesy of Secret What it is: An app that allows you to share things anonymously with your friends. Why it’s popular: Because techies love to shit-talk. Will this be a Thing in New York?

The face of the ring is a QR code, which when scanned, reveals a Bitcoin address and the value of the ring. The QR code can also be customized to reflect a personal sweet message just for your girl. The ring looks cheap and tacky to be fair. Its made out of plastic, but the point is not that you spend so much on the ring, but rather you choose to invest in Bitcoin on behalf of your lifelong partner. Later, you and your fiance can use the Bitcoin, either to pay for the wedding, or to save for the future (you can add more Bitcoins to your ring later, if you so desire). The BTCring also features split keys which allow for mutual control over the Bitcoins embedded in it, so spending it would require that both husband and wide approve the transaction. Its like a joint bank account, but with Bitcoins and a special ring.

Digital currency lawsuits: Bitcoin scrambles to boost consumer confidence – Yahoo News

Nathan agreed with Kelly, adding the company has a great balance sheet and solid dividend yield but the stock has moved too much to the upside. Adami added that when margins peak at Intel, typically the stock price does, too. That may be the case today. Sucharita Mulpuru, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research, discussed the brutal selloff in shares of Groupon in the after-hours session. Read More: Jim Cramer’s ‘Mad Money’ Recap: It’s Russia’s Fault She said the company’s move into fashion items and its acquisition of Ideeli have been a drag on the overall business. She added that Groupon’s “goods” business is also very capital-intensive but has promise over the longer term. Kelly said Groupon’s recent business ventures aren’t relative to the core strategy and cost a lot of money. Management is also failing to execute, he added, before saying he is not a buyer of the stock.

12 SF Obsessions New York Hasn’t Discovered Yet — NYMag

At least one new version, called Stellar, launched this week, and a national Digital Currencies conference in New York was held Tuesday to explain virtual currency to bankers from around the nation. But amidst this crypto-creep, the growth is also revealing the weaknesses inherent in a system with little regulatory oversight or any centralized controls. This week, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department announced that it has opened a criminal investigation of the failure of Mt. Gox, once the webs largest bitcoin exchange, which filed for bankruptcy in Japan for what remain murky reasons on Feb. 28. Recommended: Ready to invest in Bitcoin?


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