Will Btc Be A Girl’s New Best Friend? | Siliconangle

12 SF Obsessions New York Hasn’t Discovered Yet — NYMag

Already, thousands of restaurants and retail stores allow credit card payments via NFC. All you have to do is tap your card onto the machine to make your purchase. In the future we could see something similar with Bitcoin for example clothes, different forms of jewelry, smart bands, keychains or even stickers embedded with NFC tags that facilitate BTC transactions. You just tap your NFC-enabled device to the stores machine to finish your transaction in a quick manner.

‘Fast Money’ Recap: Geopolitical Pressures Weigh on Stocks – Yahoo Finance

Sucharita Mulpuru, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research, discussed the brutal selloff in shares of Groupon in the after-hours session. Read More: Jim Cramer’s ‘Mad Money’ Recap: It’s Russia’s Fault She said the company’s move into fashion items and its acquisition of Ideeli have been a drag on the overall business. She added that Groupon’s “goods” business is also very capital-intensive but has promise over the longer term. Kelly said Groupon’s recent business ventures aren’t relative to the core strategy and cost a lot of money. Management is also failing to execute, he added, before saying he is not a buyer of the stock. Adami said the earnings report wasn’t great but a 16% selloff seems overdone. Disney reported strong top- and bottom-line earnings results. Finerman said investors had already priced in a good earnings report, which is why the stock isn’t moving too much. Management continues to do a great job but the stock appears a little expensive compared to its historical valuation. Adami said Disney “might be the best-run company in the U.S.” He added the stock trades with a high valuation but the company continues to “grow into” that valuation over time. Kelly bought shares of BlackBerry , reasoning the CEO continues to execute the turnaround plan. He added that the stock should have a good second half of 2014 and could get over $12. Nathan disagreed, saying the stock is not a buy at current levels.

Smartwatches What they are: Computers on your wrist. Samsung and LG are making them, and Google and other companies are hoping they’re the wave of the future. Why they’re popular: Because it’s more polite to glance at your wrist for new e-mails than pull out your phone. Smartwatches are still mostly big with developers and tech workers, because early models don’t do much except make you look like Dick Tracy. Will this be a Thing in New York?

Hong Kong Startup Contest Attracts 550 Entries – Forbes

Preliminary judging begins immediately as semi-finalists are selected, after which the field will be narrowed through face-to-face interviews down to 12 winners. Those 12 finalists will be flown to Hong Kong (where applicable) and participate in the StartmeupHK Week from November 10 to 14 in Hong Kong. On November 11, a panel of judges and Forum attendees will select three Grand Award Winners.


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