Will Btc Be A Girl’s New Best Friend? | Siliconangle

Wall Street: Whose bull market is it?

The BTCring also features split keys which allow for mutual control over the Bitcoins embedded in it, so spending it would require that both husband and wide approve the transaction. Its like a joint bank account, but with Bitcoins and a special ring. If ever your fiance loses the ring, or the relationship is ended, you dont have to ask for the ring back to get your Bitcoins, as everything is stored in the blockchain. Which means its easy to replicate the ring, or if your girl grows tired of the design and wants a new ring, you can simply design her a new ring without spending thousands of dollars. The QR code serves as a way to easily check your Bitcoin balance, but it also has other potential uses.

Visa CEO Charles W. Scharf stated that the leading payment network is counting on new digital services to power future growth , although Visa presented an 11 percent rise in third-quarter earnings from global payments. One of these initiatives is the creation of Visa Digital Solutions with a wide array of offerings. This includes the launch of Visa Checkout, the successor to V.me, Visa Cloud Payment Solutions and, more exciting, the tokenization service that substitutes traditional credit card numbers with a digital token. Visa also opens up for collaboration with developers and technology companies with these new services.

WASHINGTON: Digital currencies such as bitcoin carry ‘significant risks,’ feds warn | Economy | McClatchy DC

Gox suddenly disappeared. The exchange had lost $460 million to hackers, and collapsed into bankruptcy. Customers have yet to recover any money.

When Payment Processing Becomes A Commodity | TechCrunch

Many analysts say quantitative easing drove up the price of stocks and bonds, making the yields on bonds less attractive and forcing more investors into the equity market. The Dow regained all of the wealth it lost during the recession early last year. Read More This may be the end of the bull market Unlike the ’90s bull market, when tech stocks led the charge, this bull market has also been broad-based.


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