When Payment Processing Becomes A Commodity | Techcrunch

Why Bitcoin’s Growth Should Explode – Yahoo Finance

It states that this will require new partnerships between payment providers, merchants and third-party analytics vendors like Oracle and IBM, where the latter already has entered a partnership with Monitise in order to deliver cloud-based mobile solutions for the financial services industry. Starbucks is one example of the business potential in combining loyalty programs and payments and reports that mobile payments stands for over 15 percent of U.S. sales from the third quarter , and is considering selling its software to other merchants. These changes to combined with increasing sector complexity due to industry convergence, capital requirement regulations , industry consolidation and diminishing ROE (Return of Equity) compared to before the financial crisis poses great challenges for banks in the years to come and creates a perfect storm seemingly favoring new entrants and the technology industrys inherent ability to experiment and willingness to try and fail. Despite an entrepreneurial spirit and independence from antiquated legacy systems, barriers to entry are rising.

VC Funding Boosts Global Growth For Berlin-Based Bitcoin Startup – Forbes

In our case, the marketplace is global. Secondly, the timing has to be right. That is always difficult to assess, but it remains a significant factor in the investment decision. Thirdly, they need to believe that the start-up team have the skills and capability to fully exploit the market opportunity. Indeed, it was the Bitbond founding teams strong expertise in bitcoin, tech and finance that played a key role in Point Nine Capitals decision to make its first investment in a bitcoin startup, said the Berlin-based VCs founder and managing partner Pawel Chudzinski.

GBI Secures Long Term Funding With Investment From New York Private Bank… — NEW YORK, Aug. 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ —

PR Newswire GBI’s technology and operations platform allows investors to acquire and manage their physical precious metals assets directly through GBI or through their existing wealth management account relationships. Precious metals are acquired through a competitive institutional dealer network, stored on behalf of investors in protected and insured vaults in New York, Salt Lake City, London, Zurich, Melbourne and Singapore, and audited by one of the big four accounting firms. GBI provides the easiest, safest and most reliable option for precious metals ownership.

I invest because it is the only way to get a return on my money.” His sentiments contrast sharply with the climate in the go-go ’90s. Back then, the financial press was busy explaining the relatively new world of 401(k) accounts. Little investors were teaming up with Wall Street firms to create portfolios that in theory would underwrite their retirement on a Caribbean island or mountain retreat and soon. Others cashed in on surging dot-com stocks on their own. Today, the news is more likely to be allegations of how international banks rigged interest rates in the Libor scandal. Or about how hedge funds use algorithms to make money in ways that “little investors” can’t. Or about platinum Wall Street bonuses.

Wall Street: Whose bull market is it?

Dell and Overstock both implemented bitcoin payments one week after making the decision to go bitcoin. Why so fast? Bitcoin is a modern open system. There are no implementation fees, no approvals are required and the required technical skill is relatively low. When useful services roll out, bitcoin adoption should soar because it costs nothing for users to engage and close to nothing for platforms to become part of the ecosystem. But when will this happen? Useful services are currently being tested: remittances, tipping and notary services.


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