Meet Gavin Andresen, The Most Powerful Person In The World Of Bitcoin | Mit Technology Review

Andresen formally stepped forward in a December 2010 post on the Bitcoin forum . With Satoshis blessing, and with great reluctance, Im going to start doing more active project management for Bitcoin, he wrote. He has worked full-time on it ever since. The Bitcoin Foundation paid him $209,648 in 2013 a salary he received in bitcoins. His smooth ascent has led to frequent accusations that Andresen is Nakamoto and shed the pseudonym once the currency gained traction. He always flatly denies it. I am not Satoshi Nakamoto; I have never met him; I have had many e-mail conversations with him, he said after giving a talk in April.

WASHINGTON: Digital currencies such as bitcoin carry ‘significant risks,’ feds warn | Economy | McClatchy DC

5, 2014. (Mitsu Yasukawa/The Record/MCT) MITSU YASUKAWA MCT WASHINGTON Government regulators issued a consumer advisory Monday on the risks of bitcoin and other digital currencies, warning that the virtual funds expose users to volatile exchange rates, hacking, scams and theft. Markups and transaction fees for digital funds such as bitcoin, XRP and Dogecoin can cost consumers more than using credit cards or regular cash, and the companies that issue digital currencies arent backed or insured by any government, according to the six-page alert from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a federal watchdog agency. The advisory also cautions consumers that digital currencies can experience huge price fluctuations due to speculation and the lack of regulation.

Why Bitcoin’s Growth Should Explode – Yahoo Finance

With eBay considering integrating bitcoin into PayPal and Apple reentering bitcoinwallets like Blockchain into the App Store cryptocurrencies as a default payment method becomes an alluring option for profit-seeking merchants looking for cost effective solutions. This places the challengers in a sweet spot somewhere between the banking and the retail industries through digital wallets and disruptive payment platforms. A commoditization of payment processing will require new business models where cash no longer is king, but analysis of the information gathered through transactions is the new competitive advantage in the digital payment processing space. Ovums report, Loyalty and Location Based Payment Services predicts that loyalty and analytics is the primary growth driver for mobile payments.

GBI Secures Long Term Funding With Investment From New York Private Bank… — NEW YORK, Aug. 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ —

PR Newswire “The GBI family is excited by its partnership with NYPB&T,” said Steven Feldman, GBI’s co-founder and CEO. “The visionary thinking that Howard Milstein and New York Private Bank & Trust are known for will be a very valuable asset to GBI as it further expands its existing platforms and enables its sophisticated precious metals business to be utilized by far more market participants.” “We believe our relationship with GBI will enable our clients to have a robust opportunity to invest in gold and other precious metals that have been a store of value for thousands of years,” said Howard Milstein, New York Private Bank & Trust Chairman, President and CEO. “Gold is the ultimate store of value.

When Payment Processing Becomes A Commodity | TechCrunch

A link has been sent. Done Why Bitcoin’s Growth Should Explode By David Smith 2 hours ago 0 shares View photo . Service can grow fast in todays world. WhatsApp grew from zero users to 500 million in five years before being acquired by Facebook .


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