Bitcoin Made Anonymous By Bitcoindark’s Unprecedented Cryptocurrency Teleport Technology – Yahoo Finance

The Government Tries to Explain Bitcoin to Normal People – TIME

BitcoinDark is already available for trading on cryptocurrency exchanges Bittrex, Atomic Trade, Cryptsy and Poloniex. Infrastructure is under construction that will have the capabilities to turn any other cyptocurrency anonymous using BitcoinDarks open source Teleportation technology. BitcoinDark is a peer-to-peer Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrency. 1.2 million BitcoinDark coins were mined during the PoW phase. With 5% new coins per year from staking, it will take until the year 2020 to reach 1.5 million coins. With an ultimate maximum of 22 million coins, BTCD will generate 5% annual staking revenue for holders for more than 60 years.

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau outlined several of bitcoins potential dangers, including vulnerability to hackers, limited security, excessive costs and scams. It also announced a system that accepts virtual currency complaints . Though virtual currencies have become increasingly integrated into society, with states , companies , political organizations and even schools approving their use, the Internal Revenue Service has not granted it legal tender status in any U.S. jurisdiction. Virtual currencies are not backed by any government or central bank, and at this point consumers are stepping into the Wild West when they engage in the market, CFPB Director Richard Cordray said in the statement.

4 Risks Bitcoin Must Overcome – Yahoo Finance

Infrastructure like payment processors and exchanges needed to be built. With those in place, huge merchants are beginning to accept bitcoin, remittances are being tested and bitcoin is starting to go mainstream. Bitcoin might be the best investment opportunity in a generation; if these risks are realized, bitcoin may soon be just a memory. Disclosure: At the time of this writing, David Smith has a long bitcoin position and owns So Whats Bitcoin? See more from Benzinga 2014 Benzinga does not provide investment advice.

Why Bitcoin’s Growth Should Explode – Yahoo Finance

WhatsApp grew from zero users to 500 million in five years before being acquired by Facebook . Bitcoin, like WhatsApp, was created in 2009 and while bitcoin has experienced tremendous growth, it is 100 times smaller than WhatsApp. The Big Difference The big difference between these two technologies is that WhatsApp was immediately useful. There are no practical use cases for bitcoin today. Bitcoin is held as a speculative investment. Bitcoin investors believe efficient digital cash will be very useful in the future. This could be compared to email versus standard mail.


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