Can This Chairless Chair For Your Butt Make You More Productive? | Co.exist | Ideas + Impact

SitOnIt Seating Introduces Focus Side with Wood and Upholstered Backs – Yahoo Finance

Maybe asking that question is part of the problem? Sitting is killing us . Or wait, maybe its standing. Yes, standing can be unhealthy, too. That’s according to the designers of the chairless chair, a half-stand, half-sit piece of furniture that will make life less terrible for workers who carry out long shifts distributor gorden murah pasar semarang on their feet. By taking weight off the joints and lower back, Swiss industrial design house Noonee contends that the chairless chair will decrease fatigue and increase productivity. Its true that standing or clomping around all day on hard warehouse floors can cause real stress on the body. Its also linked to low back pain , which costs the U.S.

A cafe stool with upholstered seat, clear maple solid wood back, fixed arms, black frame and grade 1 textile lists for $654. Focus Side chairs and stools are available now with 2, 5, or 10-day lead time depending on the textile selected. Complete pricing including distributor gorden murah the new back styles and all other options is available at . The best-selling Focus collections are known for comfort, style and ergonomics. Focus Side is part of a broad and versatile collection that includes executive and task models. About SitOnIt Seating SitOnIt Seating is a market leader in high quality, high design, comfortable, and affordable office seating. SitOnIt Seating build-to-order products are manufactured in southern California for timely shipping in as little as two days.


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